Video Recording: Meet & Greet, April 12

Recording: Virtual Meet & Greet!

We enjoyed our February Meet and Greet event, and plan to continue offering regular virtual networking opportunities. It is more important than ever to stay in touch, so we hope you’ll join us for collaboration, brainstorming, and more! The goal is to learn from each other through sharing our collective experiences. Depending on the size of our group, we can break out into smaller groups so everyone gets the chance to participate.

Our topic for April is Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses. Please be prepared to unmute and share your face on Zoom. You’ll get a chance to introduce yourself and your business to the group. Together, we’ll explore:

  • Best practices
  • Ideas for getting started
  • Which channels work for your business
  • Successes and failures
  • How to get followers and establish your community

Whether you’re a social media guru, or just getting started, we’re excited to facilitate what is sure to be a lively discussion!

We will host future meet and greet sessions (virtual for now): register on our ‘Events’ page.

Recorded: April 12, 2021

About Oak Brook Business Network:

Oak Brook Business Network helps local business owners share ideas, solve problems and increase business through long-lasting relationships with others in the community. Oak Brook Business Network was founded in October of 2008, and has grown to the largest Oak Brook networking group on LinkedIn with over 2000 members.

The mission of Oak Brook Business Network (OBN) is to help local business owners collaborate, generate leads, and grow their business. OBN will serve to act as a forum for sharing ideas, solving problems, sharing industry news, and most importantly increasing business for its members: through lead generation and new strategies.

We envision local businesses connecting in a way that they cannot in other professional business groups. Oak Brook Business Network supports the building of local, meaningful relationships that will continue for years to come: by creating a group where members are truly committed to the success of fellow businesses.

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