Video Recording: Michael Brown on Social Media for Business Growth

Title: Why is Social Media so important for business growth?

This talk will explore why Social Media and Online Reputation management is so crucial for today’s business success, including its benefits for businesses, social media trends, and the basics of developing a social media strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social Media engagement and Online Reputation management has become an absolute necessity for businesses today
  • It’s important to establish an overall Social Media and Online Reputation strategy
  • Social Media and Online Reputation management doesn’t have to be overwhelming or overly time consuming
  • Social Media management and marketing is extremely cost effective, providing a great ROI

Listen to guest speaker Michael Brown to learn social media engagement techniques and reputation management tools for business growth.

Recorded: June 6, 2022

About Michael:

Michael Brown has worked as a management consultant for large international firms, including KPMG; Mercer, establishing and leading their HR IT practice; and AT Kearny, leading their IT Transformation practice. He is currently the Managing Partner of AaronRichards Global Partners, LLC. In the past year, he started a new social media management company called MyARsocial. MyARsocial is an online tools platform that helps small and medium sized businesses acquire more customers and increase revenue by better managing their Social Media presence and Online Reputation.

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