Video Recording: Susan Neustrom on Motivation

Title: Awaken – How to Motivate the Unmotivated

Despite the best intentions, love for the work you do, staying motivated and energized during the COVID crisis is challenging. Similarly, trying to keep staff or children motivated is exhausting and regardless of the reward offered, the result is often less than desired. If you struggle to maintain a high level of motivation for yourself and others, especially now, this presentation offers an opportunity to explore:

  • The mystery of the peaks and valleys of motivation.
  • One barrier that stands in the way of motivating others.
  • How listening closely to your intuition can spark motivation.
  • The ideal environment where self-motivation thrives, even during COVID.
  • Simple strategies to awaken self-motivation for immediate and future success.

And of course, explore your curiosity, your burning questions, and your self-motivation too.

Recorded: December 7, 2020

About Susan:

Dr. Susan Neustrom is author of “The Comfort Zone Illusion-Leaving Your Comfort Zone is Not So Hard After All.” She is dedicated to helping people take control of planned and unplanned change, eliminate fear, uncertainty, and anxiety, and ignite self-motivation for long-term success.

Susan has over 25 years’ experience leading personal, professional, and organizational change including working in the disability field, the jail system, and senior services. She is a life, leadership, and career coach, and faculty at National Louis University and DePaul University, a keynote speaker, presenter, trainer, and facilitator at many universities, conferences, and organizations. Currently, Susan is working toward certification as a Compassion Cultivation Teacher in an effort to increase compassion in the workplace, in the community, and wherever suffering is most prevalent.

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